Angela Chao Recognized in LEADERS Magazine as Prominent Female Leader

Angela Chao Recognized in the Top 20 Women in Maritime
December 28, 2021
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September 20, 2022

Angela Chao Recognized in LEADERS Magazine as Prominent Female Leader

Ms. Angela Chao has been selected by LEADERS Magazine as a distinguished Woman Leader in its most recent edition, with an accompanying exclusive interview with Ms. Chao. She is the CEO and Chair of the Foremost Group, an American-based shipping company which earned its global success due to its excellence as a premier provider of dry bulk shipping whose set of core values has set itself apart from its business competitors.

Foremost Group Evolution & Company Values

During her interview with LEADERS Magazine, Ms. Chao spoke about Foremost Group’s core values which have held true throughout its 50+ year-long company history. Foremost Group Founder and Honorary Chairman, Dr. James S.C. Chao had always emphasized the business’s motto, “Honor. Integrity. Performance.” She attributes his determination and unswerving dedication to these core values as the main driver of the company’s international success – even amidst the ups and downs of the global and shipping markets. Ms. Chao is honored to carry on this legacy in the next phase of the company’s growth and expansion.

Ms. Chao’s Leadership

Ms. Chao describes her leadership style as synonymous with the attributes that make a successful business. These characteristics include industry expertise, transparent goals, values, innovation, strategic planning, effective recruitment and highly-operative risk-management solutions. Additionally, she attributes her leadership characteristics to the example her parents provided her growing up.

Leading a successful international business in a male-dominated industry has given Ms. Chao a distinct vantage point. She explains how gender diversity is not only a priority at the Foremost Group but a unique component of their success.

LEADERS Magazine: Setting the Tone for Success

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