Angela Chao Talks About Her Mother’s Legendary Impact and Legacy

Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Biography Book
Angela Chao Speaks at Her Beloved Late Mother’s Book Release Event
November 20, 2018
Angela Chao Receives an Honorary Doctorate from Webb Institute
July 11, 2019

Angela Chao Talks About Her Mother’s Legendary Impact and Legacy

Angela Chao Shares Details of Her Mother’s Storied Legacy at Biography Launch

Foremost Group CEO and Chair Angela Chao sat down for an exclusive interview with China Fortune Media’s Tang Guhan at the launch of “Calm Amidst the Storm“, the biography of her beloved late mother, Mrs. Ruth Mulan Chu Chao, on October 31, 2018.

Angela shared her thoughts about women in business, asserting that she thinks that women actually keep the world running and that women bring a valuable and different perspective and humanity to the decision-making process.

Angela also reflected on the gifts that she inherited from her mother. She said that her mother had always encouraged her and her sisters to look for ways to build their character and to be productive members of society. Stressing the importance of education and discouraging her daughters from wasting their time, Angela’s mother taught them to question what they would learn and grow from any activity before engaging in it.

Gaining the trust of others was a major factor in Angela’s parents’ ability to weather the cyclical ups and downs of the shipping industry. Angela said that cultivating trust and friendship with people were of paramount importance to her parents. The values of honor, reliability, and integrity are the backbone of her company’s culture.

Tang Guhan asked Angela about the role of wealth in their lives. She responded that her parents did not look at wealth as a factor of how much money they had, but of the quality of their relationships with their colleagues and of the love of their family and friends. She said that material wealth simply made it easier to give to others and has served as a channel to help others achieve success in life.

Calm Amidst the Storm” documents Angela’s mother’s journey through life raising her six daughters in China and the United States, becoming a highly-respected historian and philanthropist, and leaving behind a legacy of foundations that have helped thousands of young people pursue their dreams through education.

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