Corporate Women Breaking the Gender Gap

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December 12, 2013
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May 20, 2014

Corporate Women Breaking the Gender Gap

Angela Chao
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Six female corporate executives are making significant contributions in male dominated industries. Angela Chao. Lani Hay, Claudia Sender, Liv Garfield, Kat Cole and Rachel Schechtman are trendsetters in their big businesses as they close the gender gap.

As a second-generation immigrant, Angela Chao has established herself as a leader in the international shipping business, a corporate finance banker, philanthropist and speaker on business and China-US relations.

Lani Hay is CEO of Landmark technology Inc. a military intelligence specialist who works with the US government.

Claudia Sender is CEO of LATAM Airlines – one of South America’s largest airlines.

Liv Garfield is CEO of BT and is responsible for building and maintaining a huge British communications infrastructure.

Kat Cole is the leader behind Cinnabon whose expected sales this year are a billion dollars in pastries.

Rachel Schechtman is a marketing maverick who engages consumers with a trendy and intriguing ever-changing store in Manhattan.